mercoledì 20 febbraio 2013

Comunicato della UniGlobalUnion a Vodafone Spagna

Ecco qui un'interessante comunicazione inviata dal Segretario generale della UniGlobalUnion a Vodafone Spagna, relativamente ai 900 esuberi dichiarati dall'azienda.
Capito come funziona in altri paesi? Una task force sindacale internazionale si attiva per contestare la decisione aziendale, mentre in Italia i sindacati nazionali cosa fanno?

UNI ICTS Global Union
Mr. Philip J. Jennings
General Secretary
Uni Global Union
8-10 Ave. reverdil
Nyon 1260

Antonio Coimbra
CEO Vodafone Spain
Avda Europa, 1

Parque Empresarial La Moraleja
Alcobendas, 28108
cc. Vittorio Colao
CEO Vodafone
Nyon, 11 February 2013
Stop plan to lay off 900 employees
Dear Mr. Coimbra,
As General Secretary of UNI Global Union, which represents more than 20 million workers in 900 unions around the world in the services sector, I write to express our deep concern over the recent announcement that Vodafone Spain is planning to dismiss 20% of its workforce, or more than 900 employees. UNI’s affiliates CC.OO. and UGT have insisted that the plan be reconsidered and that negotiations begin immediately over alternative approaches to keep people at work and ensure the long-term viability of Vodafone Spain.
Vodafone remains profitable in Spain, and in FY 2012 Vodafone made over GDP 10 billion in profits. At the same time Spain is experiencing unprecedented unemployment of nearly 25%. Further reductions of its workforce by Vodafone will only add to the economics crisis, and will reduce demand for the products and services that Vodafone sells. The approach of drastic job cuts can only be deemed ill-advised, short-sighed and will in the long run hurt Vodafone’s ability to compete efffectively in the Spanish market place.
UNI Global Union urges you to commit to bargaining in good faith with the unions in Spain and ensure that good jobs are preserved and that the employees of Vodafone Spain have an opportunity for future employment stability.
Philip J. Jennings

General Secretary UNI